078: cemburu? oh. saya sudah semestinya tidak!

Maaf. Entri ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Deal with it.

To be honest, I am not a jealous person. Really. Its gonna take more than a heart-lash for me to start being jealous about something.

Tell me the truth, when is it OK for a gay (or straight) best friend of yours to hit up on the guy that you have told your gay BFF that you like that guy and thinks that there is a possibility of a relationship blooming in the picture?


Well, a little back-story so to speak: I got to know this one guy via Facebook. We chatted n replies each other comments and whatnot before moving to texting. We texted kinda frequently over a period of few weeks and something started to build up within me. I'm starting to like this person.

Eager to share this new man-catch, I told about this guy to one of my gay BFF in campus. You know, that undeniably 'rush' feeling that you get that you wanna share with somebody, proclaiming that you might have fallen in love with the man of you dream. That kind of feeling. Anyways, A few days after that I got to know that my so-called BFF had added my guy in Facebook and they have been commenting back and fourth. The comments was not serious at first. You know, good morning wishes and replies on status kind of thing. Nothing fishy whatsoever.

But then I got a little bit curious. What is he trying to implement here? That he can just snoop in and snatch my man-catch? Why are you so damn shallow and desperate that you have to go after some other guy's guy?


I know for a fact that I might be on the losing end here. I mean, lets face it. I never actually PHYSICALLY met this man-catch of mine just yet (because he is in Penang and I am like 350 kilometers away from him), but that does not mean that he is out for grabs. Especially NOT FROM MY VERY OWN BFF!!!

Then a couple of weeks ago, I went back to my hometown (in Penang y'all!) for study leave and finally I got the chance to meet my man-catch. It was a simple lunch. Just talk and good eat. Nothing more, nothing less. But I find him charming. I find that I really wanna get to know him more.

At the same time, I got to know that my so-called BFF is also planning to meet my man-catch. You see, he is having his practical here in Penang. So you get the picture, right? How "perfectly convenient" it is to know the fact that he is having his practical in Penang, whilst knowing that my man-catch is also in Penang. Smell the drama yet?

Last Tuesday I read a status update on the Facebook from my so-called BFF, saying that he is getting ready to go out on a date. He texted me and say that he is going out with my man-catch.



I feel like I wanna faint at that time. I felt betrayed, abused. Annoyed, mostly. I spend the entire night crying and felt worthless. I really really don't think that my so-called BFF could just do that kind of thing to me. I mean, you don't go after some other people's dibs yanow? Its wrong!

Later that night my so-called BFF texted me spilling the details of the date. Girl, I ain't wanna know how your mother-fuckin' date went. I ain't stinkin' care! I never replied the text. I was hurting too much.

So yeah. I ain't jealous. I am just hurt.

You get me?


b a m b a m ' s berkata…
baca entry ni sambil kamus disebelah der!ahahhaha..tapi den sukooo..!

kekadang daku pon rasa..bila kwn baik kita sndiri mula nak 'berkasih'..we r not jelous dear...we just afraid losing own besties kan..

pernah rasa..kesan sampai skang..lalu daku tekad menjauhkan diri..hati dirobek rasanya..huhu
nn berkata…
memang sakit sebab BFF is someone that supposedly, we can trust. tak sepatutnya buat macam tu. tak berperikemanusiaan langsung! harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi! *emo*
shandye. berkata…
hahahaha... motif nk berkamus bagai? google trenslet sudeyhhh....
cik rama-rama berkata…
yeay i got u...hikhik..

bff is someone we can trust..but in ur case dude, persetankan bff tu..hakhak...

*eh,x jht sgt ker??huhuhu...

chill lar... oke.. :)
shandye. berkata…
@cik rama-rama: haha.. mmg dlm proses mahu mempersetankan my so-called bff tu pun. huhu....
shandye. berkata…
@nn: tak suka kepercayaan yg diberikan dicabuli sebegitu rupa. hurm...