052: [kontes] #01 - do you care enough?

I was tagged by muhsin.aminuddin from Warung Kopi Klangz to take part in this content run by another blog owner named Chybee. From what I have read in her blog, she is a twenty-something Malaysian studying Automotive Engineering in Germany. Cool, no? 

The contest mechanism is pretty simple: write a commentary on one of her photographs. It can either be an entry or w written submission via email. Oh, and don't forget to go and 'LIKE' her Facebook page as well prior to entering this contest.

During my basic French language lesson last two semesters, my lecturer once said; Les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme, which translated into “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. That same perspective do applies when it comes to the art of photography. I am not a pro when it comes to photography. Heck, I don’t even own a DSLR to begin with. But then again photography is a type of art, a visual art so to speak. Thus, it is open for vast criticism and appreciation, pretty much depending on the person who is enjoying it at the moment.

Personally, I am attracted to this particular photograph found in Chybee’s blog gallery. It is a photograph of a window, with us being able to peek in of what is going on inside that little building. 

As I mentioned earlier, my knowledge on photography is rather limited; hence, I will not go through the technicality of the photograph but the artistic values of it. So if you are expecting a criticism on the technique, aperture and whatnot, you’ll be terribly disappointed. Anyways, I found this photograph really interesting as it manage to capture the essence and history of that particular scene altogether. One could only wonder what kind of building the window is attached to. Is it a cafĂ©? Is it a small cottage? Or perhaps could it be quaint shop selling cute antiques to tourists and visitors alike? 

Upon closer observation, we could see that there are two people in an assumingly sitting position inside the building. Maybe they are a couple watching a rerun of a sitcom on television. Maybe they are watching the DVD of their wedding day, rekindling the moment again for old-time sake. Or perhaps maybe they are talking to their old friends from high school, which we cannot see as they are hidden behind our eyesight, not captured by the photograph.

Look outside the building, on the exterior sill of the window. Jars of candles and baskets of fresh flowers decorating that portion. And look at the red love-shaped cutouts on the window’s shutter panels. Doesn’t those adorable? I assume the couple must be one of those people who are very loving and homey type of people. The kind of people whom we can easily get along and be quite attached to. Imagine sipping on chamomile tea while listening to their story on how the two of them first met. And how the atmosphere outside the building that has a fall-season kind of feeling matches the whole scenario perfectly. It must have been a very wonderful experience!

Well, forgive me for being a helpless romantic, but I just can’t help being drawn to all things romantic and sweet when the opportunity is presence, especially when it comes to watching this photograph. To others, this photograph might seem simple and unimportant, but for me it truly encapsulates the essence of what les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme truly means. I hope the photographer, Chybee, will continue photographing the beautiful Germany for as long as she is there. Chances like this does not come often and for selected lucky few like her, this golden opportunity should not be missed. 


Chybee berkata…
thanks shandye for joining. I'm amazed how well you interprete the photo. Even at the first I'm looking at the windows, I feel the same romantic feeling. Hehehe...it translates everything. You don't have to own a DSLR to be a good photographer. I think you just have to have a good imagination and able to translate a normal common shape or thing into something valuable. And from my observation, you are indeed good at imagination :)
shandye. berkata…
@Chybee: i'm glad you liked it. i will be visiting ur blog regularly as i do wanna keep track and see where you will be travelling next. keep on taking awesome photographs, ya?