281: [kontes] #05 - "Curi-Curi Suka" Giveaway!


Abang Eqbal Zack had reached more than 6K followers today. Can you imagine, 6K followers? I wished I have THAT many followers too. Hahaha...

The last time I joined any contest whatsoever is from Abang EZ's blog as well. Remember the Domo pencil case that I have won?


So he is doing (yet) another giveaway, which is EXTREMELY simple to do and participate.

Since I am a follower of his blog already, this entry is just gonna be a simple announcement that YOU too can participate in the giveaway.

Just hit...

... and follow the instruction. Simple.

Two random first prize winner will receive a copy of 'Curi-curi Suka' novel by Liyana Zahim as well as Abg EZ's fridge magnet, and 10 consolation prizes will receive Abg EZ's fridge magnet each.

Good luck, people!


Amarul Samsudin berkata…
saya join jgak..heheh

Jaja Sutera berkata…
Salam... :)
Jaja dari segmen yang sama..Jaja dah follow awak,mai la follow Jaja balik.. ^_^
jemput join GIVEAWAY Jaja..


jom join TEAM kami jugak..

FL blogh0use berkata…
hye2!! good luck !! =)
Hanif Idrus berkata…
Datang mencelah..heheheh
Salam kenal dan follow
Datang menjemput join segmen saya :
Kini penyertaan 102 orang !!!
Jom blogwalking dan tambah follower!!
SELAMAT PAGI!!! http://misszberceloteh.blogspot.com/