270: thou shalt giveth me more money if thou wants me to start vlogging.

no. that is not a glass of teh tarik. that is Siwon.
A close friend of mine asked me why I did not do the cabaran 30 hari berpuasa entries anymore since the start of this year's Ramadhan.

Well, I have been very lazy. That's why.

Anyways, a teh tarik and roti canai session with Nazs and Daniel (yep, he's in Malaysia for about 5 days last week before flying back to Hong Kong) after Terawikh one night reveals quite a revelation on what my friends think about my little blog.

"You should definitely do a vlog. You kuat mengomel pulak. I'm sure a lot of your blog readers will want to watch your vlog and subscribe to your channel. By all means, you did HAVE a YouTube channel, kan?" said Nazs.

"Yeah. A lot of bloggers now opt to vlogging and integrates their entry in Facebook and Twitter. I mean, nowadays more and more people have smartphones and most people are too lazy to read anyways," Daniel added.

"Yalor. But then again I don't have a video camera. How am I gonna start a vlog?" I asked. I must admit, I am actually tempted to start my very own vlog. Sometimes there are things or occurrences which I feel like bitch about it to someone and I think recording it as a vlog is a very good outlet. And like what Daniel said, more and more people do own smartphones that can stream videos, and in fact most people are too lazy to read blogs anyways. They wanted to get the information in a matter of minutes, and vlog seems the fastest and easiest medium to update your blog.

More and more bloggers also had opted to vlogging. Maria Elena, Hanis Zalikha, just to name a few.
"Aiyah. Tunggu your novel's royalty then can buy one good video camera-lah!" said Nazs. "Eh, when's your convo? I wanna see if I can apply for cuti or not."

no relations to the entry. i just think this is cute.
"23rd. Eh, no need to apply cutilah. If you come, then Qimie must also ponteng sekolah. Plus its just gonna be one day only. No big deal..." I answered. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if my best friend Abg Nazs could not make it to my convocation. He has helped me through the four years of my study in UKM, him missing my convocation day is no big deal for me because I think at least the thought's counts.

"Babe, sorry tau tak dapat attend. I'm at Hong Kong still. Can't just simply apply cuti," Daniel said. It has been about five years now Daniel been working at Hong Kong. This also marks that it has been four years since he and Nazs break-up. Four years is a very long time, and he has been missing a lot of things that has been happening to Qimie, Nazs' adopted cute little pumpkin pie. Qimie is in standard one now, a nosy noisy little fucker boy.

"Twenny third eh? Jap, jap. Nak cek kalender." I love Nazs' (almost) natural American accent. Living in the US for a few years during his studying time really had influenced his English.

"You nak apa as graduation gift?" Daniel asked.

"Chocolates. And a prayer from you guys so I gained weight?" I chuckled. Seriously, I want nothing but prayers for my health and wealth. That is suffice rather than flowers and teddy bears.

Anyways, people... lemme know if you really want to see me do a vlog. Do go out and buy my debut novel. Your decision to purchase it will make me one step closer in having my own video camera so that I can do my vlog. Hows that? Its a win-win situation, no?



Enjoy this video. Its a cover from Joseph Vincent, a hottie which... for those who have read BISIK, might noticed that I did mentioned him in it.



My vlog(s) were terrible. Hahaha.
But I believe yours will be awesome yang! Go do it!

shandye. berkata…
@♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛: u ada vlogs? mohon tengok! hahahaha... i believe klu i start vlogging nnt akan kelakar la sbb i dh la naturally kuat membebel. ntahla... should be fun to try... kot? hahaha...
Ada. Few years back.
Gila tak senonoh je. -_-"