183: [siri sekadar cuci mata] #12 - andrej pejic [NSFW].

The current 'it' model at the moment; graces international labels like Marc Jacob, YSL & Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Who is THIS model?

A boy... A girl...

You be the judge!


I admit that working in this industry has changed my perception of beauty. People I once thought were the most beautiful seem less so, and people who would have seemed strange to me before seem the most beautiful. However, all the great human achievements have resulted from intelligence and creativity, not physical appearance, so the amount of importance I place on beauty hasn’t changed. When it comes to sexuality… well, I’ve learned that it’s never straightforward, but at the end of the day it’s a job, not a whole new identity.
- Andrej Pejic for Oyster Magazine.

You be the judge, is Andrej better off to be a female or male model?

Personally, I think some of his 'female' shots are fabulous!

[all photos are taken from here.]


YAYA AZURA berkata…
hai..selamat hari raya ..
edit ler gambar raya kak yaya..biar jadi cam gambar studio ...^^
Cik Bambam berkata…
apa jantina dia nie???!! --'
shandye. berkata…
@Cik Bambam: andrej pejic ni lelaki. tapi muka dia tersangatlah androgynous, dia boleh tembusi market utk fashion lelaki dan juga perempuan. cool kan? jadi pompuan cantik, jadi keras macam jantan pun segak. urrgghhh.... #jeles
Tanpa Nama berkata…
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