260: #ThatAwkwardMoment when HIM texted you after all these while.

Got a message from HIM, saying that he misses me writing entries in English. Kinda shocked and surprised to know the fact that he still reads my blog after all these while. I thought he had moved on and forget about me already.


I went to Hospital Pulau Pinang today to continue my regular checkup, continuing what was left since I leave Melaka. Since I came without a proper appointment, the doctor can only manage to secure me an appointment date for next Monday and asked about the effectiveness of the medicine that I have been taking.

I told her the truth, the medicine did worked. My heart palpitation seems to reduce and I don't get tired easily anymore. But then again I have only been taking the prescribed medicine for about 6 weeks now. I need to continue taking them for 6 months before the doctor can see if it had improved my health condition or not.

Whoops. Been gabbing about boring stuff for too much now.

Anways, I just wanna say that I have (sorta) started writing something for my second book. I'm not gonna tell much (because I think it'll jinxed the whole thing) but all I can say is that it will be very different from BISIK.

I can't thank you guys enough for the support and encouragements that I got for my first novel, BISIK. A lot of you guys loved it and I really really appreciate all your critiques and recommendations. All of that just wanna make me write better for my second book.

Anyways (berapa banyak kali anways dah?), I am still recovering from the shock that I got by receiving that message from HIM. I totally do not expect it.

#fingerscrossed. I hope he will contact me again. I'm not gonna lie, after all these years... I still do misses HIM a lot.


U know what?
Old flame burning too sometimes.


Writing new stuffs?
My name in there or not?
shandye. berkata…
@muhsin.aminudin: bekas kekasih lama. circa 2006...
shandye. berkata…
@♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛: why is that when my friends asked me if i'm writing new stuff or not, they insisted that their name to be included? aiyooo....

I'm actually repeated whatever that people asked me to do. It's the same scenarios. Like I'm writing novel, LOL! I'm just a blogger :D

Marhaen kawe ni. :D
shandye. berkata…
@♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛: susah ble ada a few ideas tp ble u actually sat down to start writing, semuanya felt like a bunch of sampah. demm...