370: malas, as in being lazy as fuck.

It has been 4 years since I started blogging (again) and looking back, I must say that there is not much that I have documented over the past years. Previously, I have to admit that blogging has been a sort of escapism  for me to write anything that has been going on in my life or whatever that strikes me fancy. Only 370 entries since 2011, and that is... sad.

But then again, over the past years and restarting this blog again (after it got blocked by Google for unclear reasons) I have to admit that the drive to update this blog has been dwindling and I have become what you say as 'malas'.

Me, having the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences, pfffft.... yeah, right!

Between juggling my life as a full-time student and attempting to *hint*hint* finishing the manuscript of my new book *hint*hint*, I somehow realized that this blog has long been neglected. Long gone are the days when I am excited to come up with crafty entries (albeit there's nobody commenting nor I assume reading it, LOL), long gone are the anticipation of having my entries being shared by fellow followers on twitter and whatnot.

I don't know why.

Maybe I need to take a break and re-evaluate the purpose of this blog. Maybe I should do a major overhaul. Maybe all this blog needs is a face-lift. You know, a new header, change of layout, a bit of here and there and everywhere else.

Aishh... sounds like too much of a work to me.

Now Ramadhan has come and my degree of malas-ness is even higher than ever. Even the simple task of opening the word document to write a piece of writing is an agonizing tumultuous effort on my behalf. Maybe I can never acquire my aim to finish writing by August since I only got roughly a month to go (which is not much since I still have like 80% more to complete my first draft).