200: foster the people - pumped up kids.

OMG... they even sounded much better when performing live!

Owh... and I am officially had a HEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUGGGGEEE crush on Mark Foster.

Thank you very much.

used to hate guys in fedora. but this.... is.... perfection.
Mark Foster... i wanna have your babies!!! #pitam
so cute!!!! *wipe drool*

how can a God's creature be so cute and crazy talented at the same time???!!!


P/S: - by the time all of you are reading this i am most probably is in a train ride back to penang. got something to settle out. will tell you guys all about it pretty soon.



wahida berkata…
salam kenal...

terus follow sini...
[sutera kasih] berkata…
wowwww cute ke????

okey, jaga diri yerrr
Cik Bambam berkata…
heyyy~!!! i pon God's creature yang super duper cute & fun also! hahahah