197: apologizing for the lack of updates.

First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for awhile. I've been caught up with a lot of stuff and haven't got the proper chance to actually sit and write an entry.

Anyways... my tentative title for my thesis have been approve (yay!). I guess I am going to work on 'The Perception of Form 4 Students With Regards to the New English Literature Texts' for the next two semesters. I have been reading a bunch of journals and articles and I gotta say I am kinda inspired to work on this. I have asked a few of my lecturers regarding the aforementioned topic and have received positive feedback from them, asking me to work on it.

I guess since the new English Literature texts that was introduced to the school last year were kind of literally new (hence the name 'new' English Literature texts, d'oh!) and not much research or discussions have been made about it, its kind of good for new and upcoming future graduates to focus on this particular topic.

Yeah. I gotta say I am very semangat about this.

Another thing that I wanted to talk about is that I finally finished my first ever manuscript and that particular writing project is currently undergoing its second draft before I am considering to send it over to any publisher who (hopefully) might be interested. Ierno. I am not aiming big here. But then again if it did got published, I guess I will be one happy camper.

It'll be a pre-graduation slash early birthday present for me, then.

Insya-Allah. Doa-doakanlah.


Well... I wanted to write more but I am running off on steam here. Mind gone kaput. Been having insomniac moments for the past few days and my BIOLogy clock had gone wonky when it comes to weekend.


P/S:- By the time this entry is written, my dear friend Syuk is prolly on board to Rome. He'll be spending an entire year in Italy to complete his research. All the best dear friend. You will be terribly missed and I wished you all the best. 1 <3 you.


Cik Bambam berkata…
jadi cikgu BI i leh tak noks? :P
shandye. berkata…
@Cik Bambam: bayar la uols. mampooo??? hahaha...