338: designer 'It' bag - must have or just purely sinful addiction?

I was really really stressed out the past couple of days; with overbearing workloads, personal issues and some other stuff that I think is kind of too personal to reveal here in this blog. So I decided to take a day off in the middle of the week to hit my favorite mall - the MidValley.

I went to my regular must-visit places: the bookstores, Daiso (for the delicious canned drinks, of course!), snack on some sushi and of course the pet store at the top level of the massive shopping mall. Then I got bored and since I still got some time to kill before going back to my rented room, I decided to take a long walk to the adjacent mall, which is the Gardens.

so many bags, so little moolah to splurge -oh, the dilemma of an underemployed writer.

Standing outside a high-end designer boutique, I can't help but to gawked and admire the displayed leather goods; my mind fantasizes on "Oh, if only I could have that one, and that one, and that one too," I stopped to think on whether the consumer and buyers of these designer bags are actually sort of 'blinded' by the mere label that these bags are carrying and not the actual purpose or even style of the bag itself. 

Maybe at this moment in life I don't feel the urge and need to own a designer 'it' bag yet, since I don't make that much money myself, but then again I do know a few of my friends who are in the same boat as I am but then again manage to buy all these delicious-looking designer bags.

How could they pull it off?

Do they safe a large amount of their paycheck monthly so that they could buy that monochromatic clutch that is on display?

Or is there a thrift store or like a pre-loved blog-shop out there that sells all these bags (which I don't know)?

I wonder... =/

A friend of mine told me that she is shameful to admit that she is a slave to the designer goods. "Bags, clothes, shoes, whatever... as long as its [insert the brand name here] I have to have it! Even if I have to starve for the next three weeks just so that I could buy that beautiful sling bag."

As I was chatting with yet another of my friend on BBM, she told me that she got most of the designer handbags/clutch/wallet/whatever from this blog-shop that she discovered that sells pre-loved (which means previously owned by someone else) bags with a fraction of the original price.

"No one really cares if the bag is like last season's or pre-loved, my dear," she told me. "Just as long as its [insert the brand name here], people will think that you actually could afford to buy it."

However, I cringed on the idea. As for me, a bag need not to be splashed with designer label, so long as it serves its purpose and durable enough for my daily, hectic day.



Razfira berkata…
smalam pergi chow kit, tgok beg2 tiruan designer ni.. cantik jgk.. hahahaha

actually i can't afford to buy any designer handbags

shandye. berkata…
yg imitasi juga ada yang bagus. asalkan berkualiti dan praktikal untuk digunakan. rasanya wajar berjimat asalkan berbaloi.