334: [siri certot!] #06 - vanished.

Ini percubaanku untuk kontes KL NOIR di Facebook. Tak menangpun. Mungkin sebab cerita aku biasa-biasa saja. Lagipun aku akui, menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris nyatanya bukan kekuatanku.

Tak apalah.

Melihat kepada 4 yang terpilih, memang kosa kata dan kreativiti mereka yang menang jauh meninggalkan aku.

Tahniah untuk semua yang menang.



I remember my first morning here. “Welcome to Labuan!” you gave me a decent SMS a few minutes after my flight had landed, I thought I slipped into a dream.
I remember holding your hand while you drive me around town. We went around the semi-busy streets of Labuan, passing the famous War Memorial Park, had a quick stop at the Pancur Hitam Beach, seeing everything and finding it hard to believe that I am here. Most importantly, I saw the one face that I am dying to see in this island, right here next to me.
I remember the breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes late supper we had; Western, Laksa Sarawak, nasi campur. It does not really matter, as long as it was with you.
I remember us heading to the airport’s McDonald’s for supper after we went karaoke-ing with your friends. I said I am not hungry, which is obviously a lie, when the fact is that I lost my appetite while watching you getting comfy with one of your so-called friends.
I remember the kisses we shared in your car, at your couch, in the bedroom. You always blame me for leading you on in getting your load off but I know deep down you actually wanting more.
I remember nesting my head in your chest while the crazy neon of Popin dance floor makes me slightly dizzy.
I remember the morning of my departure. You deliberately mentioned no tearful goodbyes, no hugging and definitely no kissing. I held on my tears up until when the plane leaves the island. As the plane taxied onto the runway, I imagined you waving at me from the departure hall.
I remember sucking on the Daim chocolate you gave. Its taste rapidly vanished, but my feelings for you never do.