Khamis, 28 Ogos 2014

Jumaat, 22 Ogos 2014

379: book depository... my newest one-stop online bookstore!

Greetings readers!

As you may have known, there are some new ads on the top, sidebar and also at the end of the blog, amirite? Well... if you guys don't mind clicking them, it will lead you to Book Depository, this new online bookseller that I have discovered.

If you, like me, an avid book-reader and book-collector, going to the local bookstore is similar to a 6-years-old going to the Toys'R'Us. In fact, if I was going out with my friends, I'd rather ditch them to do their own activities and let them leave me at the bookstore, provided that they will call me back when its time to go.

Anyways, there are times when you go to your favorite bookstore, eager to find this one book that you wanted to buy, spending hours browsing the shelves, looking and re-looking at it again just in case, then finally deciding to ask one of the bookstore's staff-member, only to have this reply:

Total disappointment, amirite?

Anyways, apart from heading to my regular online bookstores like MPH Online, Amazon and even Ebay, I soon discovered a new website called Book Depository. What differs this website from the other three is that Book Depository provides free delivery.

Yep, you read me right; FREE DELIVERY. I kid you not.

But there's a catch, though. Since this is actually an international company, the book that you ordered will took a slight delay of 10-14 days from the date of confirmed purchase. But that's okay I guess, considering that it provides free shipping to your door step.

Book Depository provides an extensive collection of books, make it either fiction or non-fiction, graphic novels, manga, dictionary, audio books and even e-books for sale. I prefer Book Depository in comparison to the other website when I can't find the book that I want (or the kind of cover that I want).

Well, today, approximately 15 days after I had completed the payment of purchase, the book that I bought is finally here. It is bubble-wrapped and was sent via air mail from UK. Yeah, the delivery schedule is kind of late, but then again I don't really mind because of the cheaper price you got (and did I tell you that the shipping is free?) in comparison to other online bookstores albeit local or international.
Would I be ordering from Book Depository again in the future? Definitely! I was aiming to clear my wishlist of graphic novels by the end of this year and most of them can be bought rather cheaply via Book Depository that buying from Kinokuniya or other online bookstores.
I highly recommend Book Depository for all of my blog readers. Its cheaper, and had a wider variety of rare books not sold locally.


Rabu, 20 Ogos 2014

378: [siri tak ada kerja] #18 - A to Z Book Survey.

The other day I discovered this survey done from various BookTubers and this survey originated from this blog, so I decided to give it a go.

Check it out!

Rabu, 6 Ogos 2014

377: [siri salah dengar] #10 - telefon baru, katanya.

DIA: May you be the class clown
        I'll be the beauty queen in Sears
        It's the new iPhone that we care (yeah)
        We're so happy, even when we're smilin' out of our ear
        Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah (yeah)

AKU: Macam salah je part chorus tu...(tunjuk lirik kat laptop)

DIA: Pfffttt....



Isnin, 4 Ogos 2014

376: panggilan hangit daripada ambank. jaga-jagalah kalian!


Tadi lepas lunch dan baru je nak ambil mood sambung menulis, tiba-tiba aku dapat panggilan daripada satu nombor [03-21888899] yang aku tak kenali. Mula-mula malas jugak nak angkat, tapi bila dah dok ringing lima-enam kali, aku angkat jugak. Iyelah... manalah nak tahu kot-kot call tu dari lecturer aku ke, member aku ke, sedara-sepapat ke, ye tak?

Bila aku jawab, dengar suara pre-recorded with a heavy Chinese accent, cakap lebih kurang macam ni:

"Dear Customer. This is AmBank credit card centre. You have a pending transaction of RM3,862. Press 1 to confirm, press 5 to repeat, press 9 to speak to our operator"

* dialog kat atas ni bukan dialog sebenar, tapi lebih kurang macam tu la.

Bila dia dah habis cakap, dia akan pause, lepas tu ulang balik. Bila aku tanya, "Hello, hello?!"  (cue lagu Lady Gaga) tak ada respons, tapi sebaliknya dialog yang sama diulang semula.

Aku malas nak layan, terus hang up the call dan sambung kerja macam biasa. Tapi entah macam mana tergerak hati la nak Google dan cari info pasal benda ni, dan aku discover yang memang ada scam bangang macam ni dari certain people, guna nama AmBank.

Yang kelakarnya, 1) aku tak ada akaun AmBank, 2) random gila orang nak buat transaction sampai dekat RM4K kat aku yang bergaji ala-ala ciput ni. Serius lawak.

Anyways, aku terjumpa la blog ni yang cakap pasal pengalaman yang serupa, which is kind of creepy jugak la considering that blogger ni tulis entri dia pada bulan Mac lepas. Which means scam ni strikes back la kot.

So kau orang kat luar sana, be safe and be smart, okay?